A graphic essay on art and motherhood. Published in MoMA Magazine, 2019.

The Undertaking of Lily Chen: A ghost story, love story, and high-speed mule chase through the mountains of northern China.
Published by First Second Books, 2014.

Refresh, Refresh In a small town in rural Oregon, many husbands and fathers who enrolled as Marine Reservists have been shipped off to fight in the Iraq war. Left behind, three sons, boys on the verge of becoming men themselves, struggle to grow up fast enough to fill their fathers’ shoes.

Published by First Second Books, 2009.

Slow Storm On the day after the Kentucky Derby, tornado season descends on Oldham County. Lightning strikes. A barn burns. In its embers, a poignant but fleeting relationship is kindled between firefighter Ursa Crain and Rafi, a Mexican immigrant.

Published by First Second Books, 2008.

A Late Freeze
A tale of love, snow, and trouble with the authorities.